The Better Bag is The Better Solution!

THE BETTER BAG - Designed to be your most eco-friendly choice. It’s a triple play, made from recycled materials, reusable, and guaranteed recyclable.

THE BETTER BAG - An opportunity to do something Simple & Meaningful to Reduce Waste & Pollution and to Conserve Resources for a Better Environment.

"Not all reusable bags are created equally. Unfortunately, some of the bags on the market today claim to be recyclable but in fact, are not. Moreover, few if any curbside recycling programs accept reusable bags! Recycling is my business and my goal in developing THE BETTER BAG is to provide a truly green product for environmentally minded consumers. We know THE BETTER BAG is recyclable - my company designed it and my company will recycle it - guaranteed."

Steven E. Silver

Made From Recycled Materials

These bags conserve valuable raw materials and reduce solid waste.

Sturdy and Reusable

These strong, large capacity, woven and laminated bags are designed to last and last. They're moisture, grease and stain resistant and hand washable. They require no separate bottom panels like less sturdy bags. They fold up small for easy storage at home, in your car, handbag or coat pocket.

Fully Recyclable - Guaranteed!

THE BETTER BAG was designed by people with extensive knowledge in plastic recycling. They know that plastics need to be 100% pure to be recycled efficiently. In the industry different kinds of plastics mixed together or plastics mixed with other substances like cloth or metal are called co-mingled or contaminated. Co-mingled or contaminated plastics are difficult or impossible to recycle.

We've examined and lab tested many reusable bags being sold online and in stores. Even the prettiest ones with the trendiest graphics and environmental slogans printed on them often have been made from co-mingled materials and cannot be recycled easily or efficiently and/or they were made without recycled content. We think that most of these bags will end up as solid waste. When you buy THE BETTER BAG you can be sure you're buying a sustainable product that can be recycled again & again. THE BETTER BAG is the Better Choice!

Demand that your store stocks – THE BETTER BAG !